Signing Into a Dual Diagnosis Center

If you have a relative who is addicted to drugs and is suffering from a mental disorder like depression or anxiety, it is important to enter him or her into a rehabilitation program. The program that you select should be able to address the dual diagnosis in a comprehensive manner. The facilities that offer these programs are available 24 hours day and you can reach them by simply picking up the phone. If there is one in your area you can take the time to visit it in person and ask any questions that you may have regarding the treatment program.

It is important that you do your research into the facility you want to enter into. The program should be able to address your needs in full. As part of your research you can ask the facility to allow you to talk to patients who have been treated successfully in the facility. A good program should be able to grant you this without any problem. Do not let the views of other people which you get in this way influence you strongly, but do use them along with other questions as a means by which to make a decision. The program should be able to make a full and complete diagnosis of the problem which will form the basis of the treatment.

Signing Into a Dual Diagnosis Center

You can ask about the qualifications and experience of the members of staff of the facility. The staff should be experienced in handling cases of addiction as well as psychiatric issues. You should not be won over by the advertisements for the facilities that are simply aimed at attracting patients.

Once you have made your choice you should draw up a treatment program that will be followed in your case. You should ensure that the program examines in detail all the aspects of your illness. None of them should be ignored as this will not cure the sickness comprehensively. Some facilities claim to have a program that is able to treat all kinds of cases. You should be wary of such advertisements as the circumstances of each case are unique. Because of this each case should be addressed in a unique way.

There are two types of facilities, namely the in-patient and out-patient drug abuse facilities. Depending on your circumstances you should select the one that will serve you in the best way possible. There are advantages and disadvantages associated with each of them and you should analyze them critically. An out-patient program lets the patient spend time at the facility during the day before returning home in the evening. An in-patient drug abuse facility will house the patient throughout the period of treatment.

The programs should extend even after the recovery of the addict. The extension of the program ensures that the addict will not relapse after leaving the facility. The program should be long term, preferably even for a life time, as there is always a chance of relapse for an addict in the future. The program should involve those close to the addict as they are a source of information that is important in the designating the best treatment program.

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