Dual Diagnosis Center Info

It is a sad fact that people who are addicted to drugs do not lead normal lives because of their dependence. A dual diagnosis treatment center should aim its activities towards helping the addicted patient regain good health and get back to leading a normal life. It should tailor its treatment programs to the needs of each individual. There are millions of people who suffer from dual diagnosis. Only a small number of these patients will receive proper treatment for this sickness. The rest will look in vain for treatment, going from one program to another without any success.

The reason why there are so many cases of dual diagnosis that are not treated is the lack of a sufficient number of drug rehab centers specializing in the treatment of co-occurring disorders. For the best results, co-occurring disorders should be treated in specialized facilities. This treatment is known as dual diagnosis treatment or integrated services.

Dual Diagnosis Center Info

In the history of medicine there has generally been a separation of the treatment of mental health and that of substance dependence. The subject of mental health has been studied in depth but details of co-occurrence with drug addiction have only been brought to light in the recent past.

The traditional treatment methods that offered distinct treatment to each of the two conditions not only denied the patient adequate treatment but also left the recovering addict with a very poor outlook. These methods have no place today as they have been found to have good results in only a small percentage of victims. This is because a large number of the people suffering from mental disorders also suffer from drug abuse addiction. When these people seek treatment in non-specialized facilities they are treated for only one aspect of the dual diagnosis.

The results that are achieved with this kind of treatment are of poor quality compared to what would be achieved for a patient with a single problem. It is therefore of importance that the patient seeks treatment from a facility that will accord a two-pronged approach. The kind of disappointing results previously seen may contribute to a lack of trust in the medical system. This could well explain why it is estimated that there may be millions of Americans living with co-occurring conditions.

Facilities that are specialized will deal with both illnesses simultaneously and leave the patient to enjoy a normal life without dependence on drugs. These facilities are designed to cater for the medical needs of members of the public from all walks of life. The problem of dual diagnosis affects the whole of society whatever the social status of the patient. Therefore, to be effective in helping the society deal with the problem, integrated treatment programs should accommodate all patients.

The integrated program should be a long term one making interventions whenever they are required. This is the only way to ensure that the patients fully recover from their addiction. A person who has abused drugs at one time will always be prone to relapse. Such a person should be committed to the program for his or her entire life.

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